Trampoline was on the Olympic Programme for the first time at the Sydney 2000 games.

A competition in trampoline consists of 3 routines, 2 in the qualification round and one in the final. A routine must show good control, constant height and correct style. It consists of 10 different skills performed as high rhythmic moves and each of them may land on the feet, front or back.

The best male athletes will do routines with 1 to 3 triple somersaults and the rest of the moves will be double somersaults with lots of twist as well. The best female athletes will do routines with 10 double somersaults with or without twists

Synchronised trampoline is the most beautiful sport of trampoline, with two competitors in two different trampolines set side by side, trying to do the same routine as simultaneous as possible. Quite often it is like looking in a mirror. Check our pages bellow!

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